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(4992) «I Want to Transform This Place» – Indigenous People & Socialists in Humboldt Bay – YouTube

Michelle Vassel, Tribal Administrator of the Wiyot Tribe and David Cobb, Executive Director of Cooperation Humboldt join Richard Wolff to discuss their joint projects to create a balanced, just, economic community in their area. «I want to transform this place… The reality is it has been an extractive, brutal, oppressive economic paradigm, known as capitalism by the way, that literally began to destroy this place. The Wiyot tribe threw their work at Tuluwat island to actually take an EPA hazardous site and turn it into a flourishing, ecological place that allowed the return of the renewal ceremony. That’s the way forward.» – David Cobb This is a clip from Economic Update [S11 E36] «Native Americans & American Socialists». Watch the full episode on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd__Y…

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