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(4330) Diseases like COVID Reveal the Weaknesses & Strengths of an Economy – YouTube

Inspired by an article by John Rapley, Prof Wolff compares our current pandemic to previous ones and the economic changes those have inspired. Will this moment also be more inspiration to change our ways? «COVID has taught the Chinese that the way they set up their economy has benefits beyond the economic growth they’ve achieved. That’s what the disease showed them. It made them stronger. Here in the United States, as the struggle over vaccines continues, the disease has driven us further apart, deepened our divisions, deepened our political conflicts and disagreements.» – Prof Wolff This is a clip from [S11 E32] Extremes of Rich & Poor In U.S. Capitalism. Watch the full episode: https://youtu.be/erfaekBxauw Read the article by John Rapley, «Plagues and empires» at https://aeon.co/essays/empires-pandem…

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